Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Earning online – part time or full time job?

Most of us like to have extra money aside from our fixed income. An extra in the pocket enable us to get what we want. I am also looking for some extra income for myself and also to help out in my monthly commitment. I have been using the internet to look for ways to increase my online income. So far, I have tried PTC and paid to post/reviews. I have done investments online too but I got scammed and I lost some money there. PTC is great if you don’t mind the small pay rate. Personally, I don’t think PTC is for me. I don’t have the patient to click on the ads, watch the ad for 30 seconds and get paid for only $0.01. Even though some PTC has very low minimum payout, but I think with the $0.01 per ad click is just too small and it will take a long time to reach payout. Probably it will be months before one can manage to make it payout. Even with referrals, it doesn’t guarantee we get active referrals. The other ways that I find most rewarding is pay to post, data entry and pay to reviews. The sites which I am a member are mylot, slicethepie and craiglist. In mylot, members are paid based on the quality of the discussions, how many discussions you can respond and your activities in mylot are also credited. The more discussions you posted and responded, the more money you make. I like mylot because it give me the opportunity to voice out anything that I want and get some positive responses that sometimes help me in my problems. In slicethepie, I get the opportunity to become song reviewer. The payrate is quite good. If you are a new member, you can start earning at 3 penny per review. As you become more skillful in your reviews and also good at your accuracy, you can get paid around 5p, 7p, 9p and the highest at the moment is 12p per review. Since I like music, I find doing song reviews online is interesting. I can go for 100 reviews per day if I am really up to it. In craiglist, the job is easy. It is only copy and paste and you get paid $0.15 per job done. You can get 5 ads per day. It is one of my favorite too. Personally, I think earning online can be a full time job if one has the time and good planning. And also not forgetting, find those legitimate ones so that you will not get scammed or wasted your time and money in the process. Good luck.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

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