Sunday, December 28, 2008

Identity -- You

Ain't it grand ... we're all different and all alike ... and as we move through our lives we have magnificent changes ... we are what we are ... and we change when we change ... and just maybe our networks of peeps help guide our progress. The following is for those that have been dNeero-ites for a while ... we hope that your answers will make your social networks a little bit more active.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

SpitzTunes -- Happy Holidays!!

Music is part of life, and as far as I know, music has added something to everyone's life ... but right there the similarities cease ... we all seem to have some go to music that may be different at different times ... in a crowd, on holidays, in the shower, at work, traveling, on a date, at a funeral, watching TV (all the popular shows now have background music), shopping, studying, exercising ... well, I'm sure you get the idea.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So, What Do You Think of Payday Loans?

We're in a global financial crisis, which has the potential to cause personal financial crisis for you. We're all searching for those alternatives that will allow us to continue without dire actions. Maybe a payday loan could be one of those alternatives.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random Christmas Thoughts

Well, we're almost there, and maybe this year will be a bit tougher than past years to really get into the joy of the season , but, heck, what have you got to lose?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas / Holiday from dNeero-ites

We composed this survey entirely from questions from our dNeero respondents ... many thanks to all of you whether we used your question or not. We truly appreciate your involvement with dNeero and hope that these conversations generate some thought and some fun ... and we hope that you and your network of friends and associates use dNeero to start up conversations and learn a bit more about one another. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It Drives Us Nuts!

President-Elect Barack Obama spoke with Tom Brokaw on NBC's Meet the Press. A hefty portion of time was spent talking about the U.S auto industry.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SpitzTunes - Cheer & Fear

This is the third in our SpitzTunes series ... holidays are upon us, and so is the global financial crisis ... let's get to more cheer, and less fear!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

True Love and Pain

I received this touching story from my email today and thought it would be a good story to share. It teaches us not to take things for granted or you might just regret it. Read on.... Jane is a typical college girl who enjoys life to the fullest. She loves her boyfriend so much and texts him every now and then. Mark is Jane's boyfriend who works in a call center in Los Angeles. He's always busy doing so many things. He only manage to reply to Jane's texts when he got off from work. One time mark receive a message from Jane : "hi baby! how are you? i miss you! call my house when u get home..take care! i love you!" Mark ignored the message because he always receive the same message whenever it is time for him to go home from work. "baby, i miss you..did u eat yet?! Take care when you get home! ill be waiting for your call..i love you!" "baby, where are you?! its unfair that you don't reply to my texts... well, im just gonna wait for your call..i love you!" Mark reaches home and lay on his bed. The last time he knew is that he's reading Jane's text. He was so tired he fall asleep and wasn't able to return jane's call. He can still hear his phone beeps but he's too tired to take a glimpse on the message. When he woke up the next day, he remembers that he needs to call Jane. He ignored the messages and dialed Jane's .. No one's answering in her house. He called up her cellphone and he was surprised that her father answered the call. In his voice you can feel his tears and hear his heart tearing apart. "Mark, why havent you called?. Jane was waiting for your call all night!" "Dad im sorry. i fell asleep being so tired from work... i was calling your house but no one was answering. where are you? so i can come over." "Just meet me at jane's house." Mark went to Jane's house and much to his surprised he saw a lot of people inside. The house were so lighted but you can see the gloom on every person you'll meet there. He was greeted by Jane's mom on tears. She hug him tight and cried on his shoulders. "Jane was waiting for you. She didn't come with us because she was waiting for your call. She was killed by robbers that broke in our house. She's gone , Mark. She's gone !!! "thats impossible..she texted could this happen!" Mark can't look who's inside the coffin. He can't move and it feels like his whole body is stuck on the chair hes seating on. He wanted to cry but it seems that something is blocking his tears to fall down. He turned to his phone and read the messages of Jane. "baby, im not coming with my mom and just gonna wait for your call.." " so scared... it seems like theres someone downstairs..please call me now!" "babe..someones here..they might kill me..please call me now, where are you? i need you here... " "baby... . i love you!... " the last message from JANE He wanted to shout and cry so loud. It's true that Jane is waiting for his call. Up to her last breath she only thinks about him. He stared at Jane inside the coffin. Suddenly tears starts flowing down his cheeks. He can't say anything. The only words he uttered... "My baby, i'm so sorry! I could have known, i could have fought for you! i'm really sorry! I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!" Now, pass this on right after you've read it.. only if you really love someone enough to do so ***Moral of the story... .when someone message you... please reply..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Blog Doctor

I have just found a website that contains tons of information on blogging. Some may find it as nothing new, but as a newbie to blogging world, this site has help me a lot. I thought I share this with you all. Just click The Blog Doctor.

Monday, December 1, 2008

SpitzTunes Without a Cause

Spitz speaks ... start ove, satisfy, ideas, rebellion, smokin' guitars ... who the heck knew that Red Hot Chill Peppers are a bunch of light bulbs!?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Engage with Grace Story

In Alexandra Drane's words, we need to "start talking. Engage With Grace: The One Slide Project was designed with one simple goal: to help get the conversation about end of life experience started. The idea is simple: Create a tool to help get people talking. One Slide, with just five questions on it. Five questions designed to help get us talking with each other, with our loved ones, about our preferences."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Earning online – part time or full time job?

Most of us like to have extra money aside from our fixed income. An extra in the pocket enable us to get what we want. I am also looking for some extra income for myself and also to help out in my monthly commitment. I have been using the internet to look for ways to increase my online income. So far, I have tried PTC and paid to post/reviews. I have done investments online too but I got scammed and I lost some money there. PTC is great if you don’t mind the small pay rate. Personally, I don’t think PTC is for me. I don’t have the patient to click on the ads, watch the ad for 30 seconds and get paid for only $0.01. Even though some PTC has very low minimum payout, but I think with the $0.01 per ad click is just too small and it will take a long time to reach payout. Probably it will be months before one can manage to make it payout. Even with referrals, it doesn’t guarantee we get active referrals. The other ways that I find most rewarding is pay to post, data entry and pay to reviews. The sites which I am a member are mylot, slicethepie and craiglist. In mylot, members are paid based on the quality of the discussions, how many discussions you can respond and your activities in mylot are also credited. The more discussions you posted and responded, the more money you make. I like mylot because it give me the opportunity to voice out anything that I want and get some positive responses that sometimes help me in my problems. In slicethepie, I get the opportunity to become song reviewer. The payrate is quite good. If you are a new member, you can start earning at 3 penny per review. As you become more skillful in your reviews and also good at your accuracy, you can get paid around 5p, 7p, 9p and the highest at the moment is 12p per review. Since I like music, I find doing song reviews online is interesting. I can go for 100 reviews per day if I am really up to it. In craiglist, the job is easy. It is only copy and paste and you get paid $0.15 per job done. You can get 5 ads per day. It is one of my favorite too. Personally, I think earning online can be a full time job if one has the time and good planning. And also not forgetting, find those legitimate ones so that you will not get scammed or wasted your time and money in the process. Good luck.

dNeero - Spitz Tunes Now

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Marriage is a journey

A man and a woman take their marriage vows, witness by family members, relatives and friends. And they become husband and wife. As a tradition, some may go for their honeymoon right away. There they will spend all their romantic time together, strolling along the beach or staying in their hotel room, only the two of them. They only have eyes for each other and it seems for a moment, they are the only two person existed in the world, just like Adam and Eve. When the honeymoon is over, they are back to their normal life. Only this time, they are starting their life as husband and wife. They start to plan for their future. They want to buy a house or a car or even starting a family. Then the baby comes. They become new parents, a mother and a father for their child. This is such a huge responsibility. Can they handle it? Of course, although a new experience for them, they can get some help from their families and friends. A new family has been created. Not all are lucky to be able to have their own child. But there are options. They can adopt or find a surrogate mother to carry their child. Now priority is no longer only for the two of them anymore. They have a little helpless human being that needs their care to grow and become another adult. Their attention is now on their child/children. From nursing them, giving them the lessons of basic value of every human being and to give them a good education. All these have mature them to become better parents. As their children grow into adulthood, they see themselves growing old. Soon, their children will leave them and embark to a new life, single or married. So, the journey of marriage began.

How and why we feel crazy around Money

How and why we get this way is a complex issue. It could be that we feel very powerful if we had so much money or perhaps money can get what we want. I doubt that any one of us chooses, at least consciously to abuse money. It’s not a decision we make, like going to graduate school, or having a baby, or buying new house, or even buying a new wardrobe. That’s why it’s so insidious and so baffling to most of us. And that’s why we want and need to change it. Money is power. Anyone would be crazy if they said they didn’t need money in their life. It is a sad fact that some people who are in desperation, would do crazy and stupid thing like robbing a bank, or borrowing money buying things that obviously not in their budget or don’t need/want it. The danger in wanting to change our behavior, however, is being impatient and na├»ve about the process. I think it’s important to recognize the fact that we didn’t get this way overnight, and we won’t get out of it overnight. The highway to health, like any highway, has restaurants and markets, shopping malls and car dealerships. We cannot stoop using money in the same way a recovering alcoholic can stop drinking or an addict can stop using drugs. We must spend money, even as we stop abusing it. But we can pay attention to how we get into debt so we can gain some understanding of why. It usually with the little thing.

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